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28 July 2024


Over the Hills to the Sea

The inaugural G2C took place in 2013, organized by the Saints & Sinners Cycling Club, operating on a tight budget. Pennypinchers (now BUCO) joined as the primary sponsor right from the outset, which allowed us to orchestrate a well-structured event. The original objective was to provide an inclusive experience. The 58km route offers a challenge that adapts to individual preferences. For novices and competitive racers alike, the ascent up Mountain Drive in the initial 10km, the intricate descent from the Toposcope down to Woest Hill, and the exhilarating single track towards the conclusion offer a mix of high-speed excitement. Furthermore, the event serves as a showcase for the remarkable local biking opportunities.

Subsequently, Cathy Braahms PR firm assumed event management for a span of years until the reins were passed to the MRA (Makana Residents Association), who effectively managed the event over the past two years.

In 2023, Mountain Events took over event management responsibilities. With involvement in registration and timekeeping since 2014, they possess a profound understanding of the event’s dynamics.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of G2C, a milestone attributed to the unwavering dedication of sponsors, organizers, and participants.

G2C was initiated in 2013 by a small group of enthusiasts committed to fostering enjoyment and encouraging cycling, a mission they have undoubtedly accomplished!

G2C Mountain Bike Race
G2C Mountain Bike Race

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